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False Bay Business Network is an association of businesses on the Cape Peninsula, south of Cape Town, South Africa. This network was formed to promote selected services and products amongst each other, and in the community at large.

The Purpose of the Network
The primary purpose of the False Bay Business Network is to exchange genuine business referrals among member companies and, for that reason, we meet every Friday morning at 07:00 for breakfast at various restaurants in and around Fish Hoek.
High Professional Standard
Our Code of Ethics requires that we conduct our business at the highest professional standards possible, provide quality service to our customers, follow up on any referral promptly (within 24 hours), promote and support the good name of the False Bay Business Network and its fellow members, and to act in the best interest of our colleagues, clients and the community, for the benefit of all.
Find excellent products and services
If you are looking for any specific quality services or products in our region, please consult our list of member companies and either call or email them directly.

A business network is not made up of parts but of people.  A business organisation is a group of people who become a living organism.  Because it is made up of people, it is highly complex. 

TEAMWORK is brought about by the establishment of a Common Purpose and Shared Values. The secret is to unite individuals within a business network to become a vibrant cohesive team. (VJBorchers- Executive Business Coach)

The False Bay Business Network: A living organism.


Join the Network

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For more information contact our Chairperson, Simon Ainsworth-Taylor, at chairman@fbn.co.za.

Promoting Sound Business Ethics